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Robert Crayhon, MS

NOHA Speaker Robert Crayhon, MS, has written and speaks about "optimal nutrition," as part of a positive program that we can follow to attain optimal health—our basic goal in NOHA. His books include: Robert Crayhon’s Nutrition Made Simple: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Findings in Optimal Nutrition, M Evans and Company, Inc., New York, 1994, and The Carnitine Miracle: The Supernutrient Program that Promotes High Energy, Fat Burning, Heart Health, Brain Wellness, and Longevity, M. Evans and Company, Inc., New York, 1998.

In America, pursuing optimal health is considered strange. "If you are like most Americans, you are developing a preventable disease. Almost everyone has clogged arteries. . . . We have an accepted level of illness in America. As long as you are progressing at the same rate as everyone else, you are considered healthy. . . .". Crayhon points out the great benefits of uncontaminated, whole foods and water. In industrialized countries we have an epidemic of degenerative diseases that were practically unknown among our ancient ancestors.

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