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Marjorie Fisher

Marjorie Fisher (left), Sherry Rogers (right) April 15, 2005

A devoted mother, wife, nutritionist, environmentalist, writer, and statistician, Marjorie Fisher (1923-2009) was the the last one of the original active women who founded NOHA over 30 years ago in the Chicago area. While serving as NOHA's President in the 80s, despite the fact that Marjorie had a terrible pedestrian/auto accident where a truck making a sudden left turn hit her, she served her entire term as NOHA President and has recovered. Marjorie has also served and remains the primary editor/writer of NOHA's quarterly newsletter, NOHA NEWS, ever since 1984.

As an admiring, devoted wife, Marjorie followed her husband, Walter, when he refused to sign the McCarthy era "Loyalty Oath," and moved from a comfortable academic job with the University of California at Berkley, to Kansas State in Manhattan Kansas with their infant son, Andrew. While Walter taught at K State, they raised three children two younger daughters Carol and Dorothy, as well as Andrew before moving to Evanston, Illionis in 1967 when Walter was offered a job teaching Economics at Northwestern. After all three children grew up and left for college, Marjorie taught statistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago for five years.

Marjorie was always interested in nutrition and read Adelle Davis in Kansas. After her son, Andrew, spent almost a month in the "ecological unit" of Theron Randolph, MD, in Zion, Illinois, Marjorie became totally devoted to the cause of Clinical Ecology following the 4-day "rotation" diet and eating only organic food that is grown or raised without any toxic chemical pesticides. Marjorie, Walter, and Andrew actively helped Dr. Randolph with his environmental support group.

For many years Marjorie has been a member and served in the League of Women Voters. While in the Chicago area, she has joined LMILG (Lake Michigan Inter-League Group), which is a combinations of all the local leagues in the four states bordering Lake Michigan Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. They do their best to identify, publicize, and eliminate all sources of pollution in the Lake Michigan watershed. For several years, Marjorie has been Chair of LMILG which is now the Lake Michigan Inter-League Organization (LMILO).

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