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Alan R. Gaby, MD

Alan R. Gaby, MD, from Pikesville, Maryland, a specialist in nutrition and preventive medicine. Author of several books including B6: The Natural Healer, Dr. Gaby cautioned his hearers at the outset that delaying the aging process is only a "maybe". For example, he said that it is advisable to eat breakfast; to eat small, frequent meals; to chew food well (for better absorption); and to get enough sunlight but not too much – ten minutes a day without glasses in order to get enough ultraviolet light, which goes directly through the retina to the pineal gland and then to the hypothalmus and the pituitary and adrenal glands.

Our modern environmental pollutants stress the body far more than he was able to go into in his talk, he said. However, he cited two studies: one in the Journal of Epidemiology noting that the incidence of heart attacks dropped off after lead was removed from some gasolines; and one showing that increased intake of vitamin C, zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium can help detoxify cadmium and lead.

He sees nothing wrong with small amounts of alcohol a day, provided that vitamins and minerals are taken to replace the ones that alcohol depletes – which are all the vitamins and minerals.

Specifically on aging, Dr. Gaby cited numerous published studies as well as his own clinical observations, but cautioned that one should always tell one’s doctor what one is doing with any "avant-garde" therapies, in case there should be some physiological reason why one shouldn’t be doing them. William Kaufman, MD, author of Common Forms of Joint Dysfunction (1949), gave osteoarthritis patients vitamin B3 (niacinamide) with good results. Patients reported "feeling good," "feeling younger," and having less pain on 500 mg per day up to 500 mg five or six times per day. The most effective dose was 1000 mg per day, but that should only be done under a doctor’s supervision. People with known liver damage should not take any without monitoring.

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