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Charles T. McGee, MD

Charles T. McGee, MD has written four books: Healing Energies of Heat and Light - A Quantum Leap in Healthcare (2000); Heart Frauds -- The Misapplication of High Technology in Heart Disease (1993 -- re-published in 2001); and QIGONG -- Miricle Healing from China with Qigong Master Effie Poy Tew Chow, PhD (1994). Dr. McGee's first book was How to Survive Modern Technology (1979). We learn from the introduction and in the tape of his first NOHA lecture in 1982, that Dr. McGee had conventional training "with about 90 minutes of rather poor instruction in nutrition". He took his residency in obstetrics and gynecology. Right after that, in 1965, he went to Ecuador with Project Hope and "treated the medically indigent – which meant the Indian population – about 320,000 Indians living in the province". They lived on a variety of vegetables they grew themselves and occasional meat.

What struck him immediately was the absence of degenerative diseases: NO HEART ATTACKS, NO DIABETES, NO ARTHRITIS, and only FOUR cases of CANCER in a population of over 300,000 in a year. To summarize, in the mountains of Ecuador there was no air pollution and the food was fresh. The Indians "never ate processed foods, refined foods, or any junk foods because they couldn’t afford them. Every bit of food they took was nutritious.

"In contrast, the city people were consuming many modern foods. Soda pop and candy were widely available, and white rice and white bread had been in use for several years. Cases of heart attacks, diabetes, and many other diseases of modern civilization were beginning to appear in the city population, but were absent in the Indians."

Needless to say, Dr. McGee was very much interested by this experience. After returning to the United States he spent a great deal of time looking up studies of other primitive peoples and found the same absence of degenerative diseases on a great variety of diets – as long as they consist of whole, fresh foods. These diets range from the Eskimos’, which is almost completely meat and fish, to others that are almost completely vegetarian. In all these cases, degenerative diseases commence after the introduction of modern refined foods.

In the mid-1970s, he began his search for answers he could not find in Western medicine with his study of acupuncture in France under the world-renowned Dr. Paul Nogier. Dr. McGee states: "But it was what I saw in my many trips to China that changed my life - and the way I practice medicine. There I witnessed healing miracles performed by Qigong Masters, who were able to reverse conditions such as paralysis with their own energy (qi or chi). I had never seen such amazing results with Western medicine." For the past 20 years, Dr. McGee has been working with inventor and Qigong Master, Rodger Estes, who was able to use his own energy-sensing abilities to choose the most powerful energy-related treatment modalities. The machines he chose for his program include pulsed Light Emitting Diode (LED) products, infrared (dry) saunas, and various heaters. The synergy of all these instruments, when used together with a supplemental nutrition program, are able to bring about healing very similar to that provided by the Chinese Qigong Masters. With this combination approach, Dr. McGee has seen healing occur at a very deep level: paralyses reversed, cancers put into remission, non-healing wounds heal, and the symptoms of many other diseases greatly eased.

Dr. McGee has traveled around the world, both studying and teaching about Alternative and Energy Medicines. For the first 15 years after getting his medical degree, he practiced conventional Western medicine, but since 1978, he has practiced complementary and energy medicines. More information about Dr. McGee's work can be found at

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