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J. Gordon Millichap, MD

NOHA Honorary Member J. Gordon Millichap, MD, FRCP is a Pediatric Neurologist and was Director, Attention Deficit Disorder Clinic, Division of Neurology, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois. He is Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University Medical School. Among his many publications are the three following books: (1) he co-authored (with his son, Gordon T. Millichap), The School in a Garden. Foundations and Founders of Landscape Architecture. (ISBN 0-9629115-2-4-6; Chicago, PNB Publishers, 2000).

Dr. Millichap also wrote (2) Is Our Water Safe to Drink, a book describing the many hidden sources of drinking water polution such as agriculture pesticides, livestock, fertilizers, mining, septic tanks, landfills, nuclear power plants, urban wastes, sewage treatment plants, and petrolium tankers (ISBN 0-9629115-5-0; Chicago, PNB Publishers, 1995); and (3) a comprehensive book, Environmental Poisons in Our Food (ISBN 0-9629115-7-7-6; Chicago, PNB Publishers, 1993).

There is evidence that Ritalin®; (methylphenidate or MPH) has a causative role in precipitating or exacerbating simple tics plus Tourette syndrome, which includes generalized tics, inarticulate noises, and often loud obscene words. Dr. Millichap has a "Letter to the Editor" in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine on the subject.

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