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Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD

NOHA Honorary Member Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD, once stated that "for every drug that yields a beneficial result, there is a nutrient, which can produce the same effect." We believe that nutrients can have a potent pharmaceutical effect, if used with rifle-shot precision. Nutrient therapy may well become the primary treatment for depression in the next century.

An alternative to drug therapy is biochemical treatment, which uses natural body chemicals rather than "foreign" drug molecules. This approach is based on the pioneering work of Roger J. Williams, Abram Hoffer, Carl C. Pfeiffer, and many others.

Pfeiffer established clinical procedures for the identification and treatment of nutrient deficiencies, toxic overloads, and other aberrant biochemistry. His system involves the subdivision of schizophrenia, depression, behavior disorders, learning disabilities, and other conditions into well-defined chemical categories. Once a patient’s chemical anomalies are established through laboratory analysis, his or her body chemistry may be balanced using biochemical treatment. To the extent possible, natural medicines are used instead of drugs.

Biochemical treatment has been shown to be an effective alternative to the prescription drugs Ritalin®, Cylert®, Dexadrine®, and Norpramin®, which are frequently administered to underachievers. The Carl Pfeiffer Treatment Center has measured a success rate of over 70 percent, based on treatment of 500 children with learning disabilities, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and dyslexia.

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