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William J. Rea, MD

William J. Rea, MD, founded and is director of the internationally known Environmental Health Center (EHC) in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Rea and his colleagues at EHC have successfully treated more than 30,000 environmentally and chemically sensitive patients over the past 25 years. Dr. Rea points out: "Many chronic diseases today share common, mystifying symptoms, such as fatigue, brain fog, arrhythmias, asthma and indigestion, which are often actually signs of environmental or chemical sensitivities. Traditional doctors typically treat these symptoms with medications, but very often, these patients also become allergic to the medications, and end up sicker than they were before. Frequently, the best treatment is to clean up their environment, giving them good air, good food and good water." After treatment at the EHC, many patients, including those originally diagnosed with diseases such as cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis, are able to return to normal, productive lives -- once their environmental sensitivities have been treated.

Dr. Rea is a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon with a passionate interest in the environmental aspects of health and disease. He is the recipient of numerous professional honors, including being named to the world's first professorial chair of Environmental Medicine at the Robens Institute of Toxicology at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England in 1988. He was awarded the Jonathan Forman Gold Medal Award in 1987 and the Herbert J. Rinkel Award in 1993 -- both by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. And in 1991, Dr. Rea was named Outstanding Alumnus by Otterbein College in Ohio, as well as receiving the F.A.M.E. Award for his pioneering work in environmental and preventive medicine

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