Nutrition for Optimal Health Association, Inc.

Theodore E. TePas, MD

NOHA’s Professional Advisory Board member Theodore E. TePas, MD is Medical Director of the Comprehensive Mental Health Center at Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois ,Psychiatric Consultant at the Foster Care Services of Catholic Charities of Chicago, and member of the Association of Christian Therapists.

Dr. TePass's interest in integrative medicine, which had its beginnings with founder Barbara Sachsel and NOHA over some 25 years ago, now has expanded into what is being called Mind/Body medicine involving such mind-bending and tongue-twisting words as Psychoneuroimmunology.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) remains for many years now a still uncertain diagnosis with poorly understood and arguable etiology and equally contentious treatment. Dr. TePass's position is that ADHD is more like a symptom such as a fever with multiple potential causes and hence some of the confusion, especially when we attempt to attribute the clinical picture to the cause. Continuing on the cutting edge of clinical and nutritional research, the Pfeiffer Treatment Center, as well as Dr. TePass's own center and that of Paul J. Dunn, MD, have shown the value of treatment programs based on diet and nutritional supplements.

Nutrition for Optimal Health Association