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1) Chemical Exposure
  • "Chemical Sensitivity: Then and Now" by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Spring, 1991  Read
  • "The Middle Road" by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Summer, 1997  Read
  • Tics and Tourette's—Tracing the True Triggers, Fall, 2006 Read
2) Dietary Causes
  • Salt Talk and Hypertension, Winter, 1985 Read
  • A Return to the Stone Age?, Spring, 1985 Read
  • Nutritional Therapy for High Blood Pressure, Summer, 1987 Read
  • Stroke Prevention in the Kitchen by Shirley Converse, Winter, 1988 Read
  • Structural Fats Revisited, Fall, 1988 Read
  • The Taste That Kills from Russell Blaylock, MD, Winter, 1995 Read
  • Mood Cure by Diet from books/lectures by Julia Ross, Winter 2005 Read
  • Eat Your Way to a Better Sleep by Pauline N. Harding, MD, Spring, 2005 Read
  • Tics and Tourette's—Tracing the True Triggers, Fall, 2006 Read
3) General Articles
  • Looking at Labels, Winter, 1992 Read
  • Wellness Against All Odds from Sherry A. Rogers, MD, Spring, 1995 Read
  • Relationships Between Oral Health and Medical Conditions by Seymour Gottlieb, DDS, Fall, 1998 Read
  • Vitamin D from Professor Vieth of U. of Toronto, Fall, 2000 Read


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