"Bob, your humor is so dry, it's crackin' up the furniture."


NOHA Professional Advisory Board member Robert W. Boxer, MD, allergist and clinical ecologist, gave us permission to reprint this "pun cartoon" from page 80 of his delightful book Boxer's Shorts, More than just a Brief attempt at Humor.  For years Dr. boxer has loved to pun and inject a little laughter even into serious situations.  In the preface to Boxer's Shorts he says, "We are all aware that a sense of humor is meaningful in all areas of life.  We are now beginning to recognize that humor has particular therapeutic value in the field of medicine.  I think that the ability of a physician to appropriately 'inject' humor into the care of patients in a tasteful and considerate manner is clearly an asset.

"I feel very fortunate in having found Darnell Towns, a talented young animator, filmmaker, and illustrator, who has cleverly and creatively drawn up my thoughts.  I hope that those who read this book will enjoy the blending of humor and art."

Article from NOHA NEWS, Vol. XIV, No. 2, Spring 1989, page 5.