by Webmaster Andrew T. Fisher

 Over the last couple of months, I have downloaded all the "log" files, which record exactly which user browsed or "hit" each one of the pages in the NOHA website. My download now includes the time period from June 1, 2001 through November 15, 2002. At first the program only counted the total hits, regardless of whether the same user was revisiting a second or third time. Since each user's ID code is included in the log files, I recently refined the program to give both the total and the unique visitors (or hits) to every page. This produced a total of 89,603 hits and 65,353 unique hits. Here are the interesting results for our most-visited pages:

Web Page Name  Unique Hits Total Hits
Main Home Page 4,067 7,459
Newsletter 1,358 2,186
Audio/Video 1,076 1,601
Programs 1,107 1,750


     The following two NOHA NEWS articles deserve mention because of the large number of hits they received. On average, each article received 250.01 total hits, or 191.07 unique hits. However, note these two remarkable exceptions below:

“Oral Yeast Infections”   by Seymour Gottlieb, DDS            

 Unique Hits

Total Hits




“The Downside of Soybean Consumption”  by Beatrice Trum Hunter               

 Unique Hits

Total Hits




     I have a neat, complete report that gives both the unique and the total hits for every single page and article on the NOHA website. If you would like a copy, please email me at: Andrew Fisher, Superior Sites, and I will send a copy to you.