NOHA's 30th Anniversary Celebration

On October 16, 2002, NOHA (Nutrition for Optimal Health Association) had a banquet and celebration for our thirty years of activity educating ourselves and the public with cutting-edge, scientific information on nutrition and human metabolism-in order to help all of us everywhere in our pursuit of optimal health.

We have a wonderful library of tapes and cassettes of the lectures of our nationally and internationally renowned speakers. NOHA presents a nationally recognized program on nutrition for teaching our children's teachers. Our new web site contains all this information and more, plus NOHA NEWS articles on a fascinating array of subjects from ADHD and Addiction to Polluted Water and Yeast Imbalance. In the last 17 months, from 6/1/01 to 11/15/02, we had 90,187 hits.

NOHA's founding president, Jane Brady, came to our celebration from Bethesda, Maryland and our second president, Mary Jane Revell, came from Medford, Oregon.

Our Current President and Six Former Presidents

Mary Jane Revell,1974-76; Neil Levin,2000- ; Jane Brady,1972-74; Rita Siegal,1982-84; Elaine Frank,1988-92; Toby Wilson,1986-88; Marjorie Fisher,1984-86.

Article from NOHA NEWS, Vol. XXVIII, No. 1, Winter 2003, page1. -- Photo courtesy of Neil Levin