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Development Methods
I usually do work on a contract basis, but I'm more than willing to do it on an hourly basis if you prefer. I estimate the time for the text, image, link, table layout work on each page and the javascript work (if needed) which I'm all very familiar with. I can quite easily put together the draft for a five to seven page website with links between all the pages on every page in a list on the left side. With the client I can get at least a basic idea of what they want. There are usually at least two more rounds of give-and-take where the client points out specific corrections and/or additions they want before the final website is uploaded to its final address.

If the client is not familiar with website servers, reserving a specific website address (URL), the initial set-up fee and continuing monthly fees involved, I will gladly perform all these services for them. I'm familiar with several different website server companies with different features offered and very wide range of rates. The cleint should be prepared to provide usualy at least three (sometimes more) URLs that will satisfy them. This is because to get a UNIQUE URL, usually most of the best ones are already used by someone else.

I'm also willing to take photos, generate drawings, graphs, and/or logos if the client desires.

Obviously, the fewer pages and less complexity, the lower the price and the more pages and higher complexity the higher the price. Each client/website situation is different, but I'm sure we can arrive at a mutually agreeable price quite easily.

For the first prototype, I need at least (a) the client's basic idea of how many pages, the "tree" link structure between them, and (b) basically what text and images (if any) they wish on each page -- ideally in electromic form -- MS Word, Publisher etc. If it is not in electronic form, I will charge more for keying it all in myself (and there is a much greater possibility for errors). I then upload the prototype to a private site for the client to review.

Many cycles of: (a) the client's review, (b) the client's specific changes and/or additions to which pages communicated to me via phone or email, and (c) these changes uploaded to the private site for the next cycle of the client's review to take place.

BEFORE we upload the final public version of a website to the URL, the following details should be agreed upon with the client:

If there are any features you desire in your website which I am NOT currently very experienced with, I will gladly accept the challange of learning and implementing them with NO additional charge. The experience I will gain is more than worth it. With the over twenty years of computer/IT experience I've had, I'm sure I can add almost any website feature. You're welcome to check out my resume by clicking here.

Prefered Payment Method:
Once we have agreed on a contract price and schedule to meet your specified deadline, I prefer to be paid an initial deposit of 30% before starting and then to recieve the remaining 70% after the website is completed to your satisfaction and uploaded to its proper URL. I'm more than willing to sign any formal statement of our agreement on hard copy -- one for each of us BEFORE you pay me anything -- if you so desire. My reasonable rates for website development run roughly from $200 to $600

Website Management:
Any website -- once uploaded -- will usually need more management. Any "Programs" or "Upcoming Events" page will always need to have the new future programs added and the current ones removed once they have occurred. Also, most clients will always think of more things to add to current pages, often entirely new pages to add, and certian material on pages (or sometimes entire pages) to remove.

Depending on the (1) size of the total website and (2) the amount of and frequency of changes, I will gladly manage any website (particularly one I have designed) for any agreed monthly rate. My monthly rates run roughly from $25 to $100.


Contact Information:

Cell Phone: 847-868-5639


"Snail" mail address:

Andrew T. Fisher
1580 Sherman Avenue, Unit #1108
Evanston, IL 60201-4494










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