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1) Aging
  • "Yes You Can Delay the Aging Process" from Alan R. Gaby, MD, Fall, 1989  Read
  • "How to Age Rapidly or Not!" by Pauline N. Harding, MD, Winter, 2002  Read
2) Cancer
  • "Seed Foods" Against Cancer, Fall 1984 Read
  • Prevention of Breast Cancer from Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Winter, 1997 Read
  • Major Cosmetic and Toiletry Ingredient Poses Avoidable Cancer Risks by Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Summer, 1998 Read
  • "The High Stakes of Cancer Prevention" by Samuel Epstein, MD, Summer, 2001 Read
  • Cancer and the Environment: The Legacy of the Industrial Age—Asbestos to Xenobiotics, Winter 2006 Read
3) Chemical Exposure
  • Reduced Liver Enzymes Exacerbated by Low Protein Consumption, Summer, 1984 Read
  • Toxcity and Nutrition by Jon B. Pangborn, PhD, Fall, 1989 Read
  • "Chemical Sensitivity: Then and Now" by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Spring, 1991  Read
  • Environmental Poisons in our Food by J. Gordon Millichap, MD, Summer, 1993 Read
  • Is Your Water Safe to Drink? Fall, 1995 Read
  • Detoxification and Healing from Sidney Baker, MD, Fall, 1998 Read
  • Update on the Use of Silver Amalgam Fillings by Seymour Gottlieb, DDS, Fall, 1998 Read
  • How Safe is your Drinking Water, Summer, 2001 Read
  • "The Growing Impact of Chemical Exposure Upon Health in the 21st Century, "  Winter, 2002 Read
  • "Biological Effects of Low Level Pesticide Mixtures: Problems and Solutions" from Professor Warren P. Porter, Spring 2003 Read
4) General Articles
  • Browning Reactions, Summer, 1984 Read
  • "Immune System Enhancements" by Marjorie Fisher, Summer, 1990  Read
  • "The Microbial-Pollution Connection" from October, 1996 AAEM meetings, Spring, 1997 Read
  • "The Middle Road" by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Summer, 1997  Read
  • Dangerous Grains, Spring 2003 Read
  • Natural Cures for Chronic Conditions from David Brownstein, MD, Summer 2007 Read


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