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1) Colon Cancer
  • Calcium for Colon Cancer, Winter, 1986 Read
  • "Chemical Sensitivity: Then and Now" by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Spring, 1991  Read
  • The Integral Role of Nutrition in Cancer Treatment by Keith I. Block, MD, Fall, 1991 Read
  • Healthful Diets and Healthful Behavior Go Hand in Hand by John W. Crayton, MD, Fall, 1994 Read
  • Omega 3 Oils from Donald Rudin, MD and Clara Felix, Spring, 1997 Read
  • Hidden Hazards in Milk—Summary of most recent book by Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Winter 2007 Read
2) Lung Cancer
  • Cancer Report Card Gets a Failing Grade by Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Summer, 1998 Read
3) Obesity
  • Why are Americans so Fat? by Paul A. Stitt, MS., Spring, 1994 Read
  • Obesity from High-Carbohydrate, Low-Fat Diets, Summer, 1997 Read
  • Overweight? Cutting Body Fat Before Dietary Fat is Better, Spring, 2001 Read
4) Osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis and Oral Bone Loss Prevention by Seymour L. Gottleib, DDS, Fall, 2001 Read
5) Prostate Cancer
  • Living With Cancer: A Pilot Study of Long-Term Survivors by Keith Block, MD, Charlotte Gyllenhaal, PhD, and Penny Block, MA, Winter, 1995 Read
  • "The Middle Road" by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Summer, 1997  Read
  • Monsanto's Hormonal Milk Poses Risk of Prostate and Other Cancers, Summer, 1998 Read
  • Challenges on the Safety of US Meat, Summer, 1998 Read
  • "The High Stakes of Cancer Prevention" by Samuel Epstein, MD, Summer, 2001 Read
  • Natural Cures for Chronic Conditions from David Brownstein, MD, Summer 2007 Read
6) Sperm Count
  • "Chemically-Induced Alterations in Sexual and Functional Development: The Wildlife/Human Connection" from Theo Colborn and Coralie Clement, Spring, 1993 Read
  • Vitamin C: Who Needs It? Answer: Everyone!, Winter, 1994 Read
  • Prevention of Breast Cancer from Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Winter, 1997 Read
  • Nutritional Quality of Organic vs Conventional Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains, Spring, 2002 Read
  • Why Are You Sick? Find Out What You Can Do About It by Dorris Rapp, MD, Summer, 2002 Read
  • "Biological Effects of Low Level Pesticide Mixtures: Problems and Solutions" from Professor Warren P. Porter, Spring 2003 Read
7) Other Articles
  • Eat Your Way to a Better Sleep by Pauline N. Harding, MD, Spring, 2005 Read


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