Your editors, being of the appropriate age, were brought up on flaxseed, though in different ways. Marjorie’s mother cooked for her a flaxseed and raisin porridge that Marjorie found delicious. When flaxseed is cooked, using four cups of water to one cup of flaxseed, it develops a jelly-like consistency. Raisins or other dried fruit add texture, flavor, and even more nutrients.

Lynn’s mother prepared flaxseed tea when Lynn had a sore throat. The somewhat viscous tea coats and soothes the throat in a most welcome way. Lynn now keeps organic flaxseed on hand for sore-throat emergencies. To make one cup of flaxseed tea, put 1-2 teaspoons of flaxseed into one cup of cold water; boil gently for up to 5 minutes (depending on how viscous you want the tea; you may need to experiment a little); remove from heat and let sit about 3-5 minutes; pour through sieve into cup. Add honey and lemon if desired.

Article from NOHA NEWS, Vol. XVI, No. 1, Winter 1991, page 2.