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1) Foods
  • Browning Reactions, Summer, 1984 Read
  • The Doctor's Corner by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Fall, 1985 Read
  • Mood and Food, Fall, 1987 Read
  • Flaxseed, a Neglected Food, Winter, 1991 Read
  • Vitamin B6 by Jon Pangborn, PhD, ChE, Spring, 1999 Read
  • Lecithin and Health from Frank T. Othefer, PhD, Spring, 2001 Read
  • The Downside of Soybean Consumption by Beatrice Trum Hunter, Fall, 2001 Read
  • Nutritional Quality of Organic vs Conventional Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains, Spring, 2002 Read
  • Mood Cure by Diet from books/lectures by Julia Ross, Winter 2005 Read
  • Heart Disease and Rising Brain Disorders by Michael Crawford, PhD, CBiol, FIBiol, FRCPath, Winter 2006 Read
  • Tics and Tourette's—Tracing the True Triggers, Fall, 2006 Read
2) Production Polluting Problems
  • Toxcity and Nutrition by Jon B. Pangborn, PhD, Fall, 1989 Read
  • Addiction from Kenneth Blum, PhD, Winter, 1990 Read
  • Our Optimal Nutrient Needs: What They Are and Can WE Meet Them, Spring, 1990 Read
  • Leaving a Bad Taste (against MSG) from George R. Schwartz, MD, Winter, 1991 Read
  • Chemical Sensitivity: Then and Now by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Spring, 1991 Read
  • "Biochemical Treatment: Medicines for the Next Century" by William J. Walsh, PhD, Summer, 1991  Read
  • News and Views r.e. Nutritional Supplements by Jon B. Pangborn, Winter, 1993 Read
  • Environmental Poisons in our Food, Summer by J. Gordon Millichap, MD, 1993 Read
  • Buy, Grow, and Eat Organic Food, Fall, 1993 Read
  • Biochemistry and Behavior by William Walsh, PhD, Winter, 1994 Read
  • Flawed Studies on MSG by Adrienne Samuels, Winter, 1995 Read
  • The Taste That Kills from Russell Blaylock, MD, Winter, 1995 Read
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Revisited by Theodore E. TePass, MD, Fall, 1996 Read
  • Nutrients and Depression by William Walsh, PhD, Spring, 1997 Read
  • Detoxification and Healing from Sidney Baker, MD, Fall, 1998 Read
  • Genetic Engineering - Flying Blind from Dr. Barry Commoner, Summer, 2000 Read
  • Causes and Nutritional Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Winter, 2001 Read
  • Hidden Hazards in Milk—Summary of most recent book by Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Winter 2007 Read
3) General Articles
  • Prevention, Therapy, and Recovery: Don't Wait Till it Hurts by Seymour Gottlieb, DDS, Summer, 1989 Read
  • The Integral Role of Nutrition in Cancer Treatment by Keith I Block, MD, Fall, 1991 Read
  • A Personal Experience by Paul J. Dunn, MD, Spring, 1995 Read
  • What's New in Autism Research by Jon Pangborn, MD, Spring, 1996 Read
  • Pain Free - review of Dr. Bucci's book, Spring, 1996 Read
  • Love on Fire - summary of Walter Heiby's book, Spring, 1996 Read
  • "Kombucha Tea" by Thomas Stone, MD, Winter, 1997  Read
  • Nutrition and the Eyes from Bill Sardi, Winter, 1998 Read
  • Focus on Tryptophan by John W. Crayton, MD, Winter, 2001 Read
  • "Nutrition and Children's Behavior Problems Revisited: Again" by Theodore E. TePas, MD, Spring 2003 Read


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