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1) Avoid by Eating Organic
  • Getting Started with Organic and Natural Foods by Susan Coad, Spring, 1989 Read
  • Traditional Eating Habits, Fall, 1996 Read
  • Food—People and Practicality vs Politics and Profits, Fall 2007 Read
2) Dietary Exposure
  • The Salmonella Story - An Update, Summer, 1985 Read
  • Foodborne Diseases, Spring, 1988 Read
  • Food and Biotechnology, Winter, 1994 Read
  • Milk Safety? Spring, 1996 Read
  • Should We Eat Beef? from Howard Lyman, Spring, 1999 Read
  • Help! My Food is Attacking Me! (or is my body attacking my food?) by Martha H. Howard, MD, Spring, 2002 Read
  • Monsanto's Hormonal Milk Poses Risk of Prostrate and Other Cancers, Summer, 1998 Read
  • Challenges on the Safety of US Meat, Summer, 1998 Read
  • "Trick or Treat" by Theodore M. TePass, MD, Fall, 1990  Read
  • Foodborne Disease: A Needless Epidemic, Spring, 1988 Read
  • Our Optimal Nutrient Needs: What They Are and Can We Meet Them, Spring, 1990 Read
  • The Science of Probiotics by Carlos Reynes, MD, Spring 2006 Read
  • Hidden Hazards in Milk—Summary of most recent book by Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Winter 2007 Read
  • Food—People and Practicality vs Politics and Profits, Fall 2007 Read
  • Honey Laundering Winter 2009 Read
3) Yeast
  • Oral Yeast Infections by Seymour L. Gottlieb, BS, BDS, DDS, Summer, 1995 Read
  • Yeast-Related Health Problems, Fall, 1995  Read
  • "Candida-Related Complex" by Paul J. Dunn, MD, Winter, 1989  Read
4) General Articles
  • "The Middle Road" by Robert W. Boxer, MD, Summer, 1997  Read
  • "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by Paul J. Dunn, MD, Spring 1992  Read
  • "My Odyssey to Integrative Medicine" by Constance Catellani, MD, Fall 2000 Read
  • Protecting Your Immune System by Thomas Stone, MD, Fall, 1987 Read
  • Designing a New Medical Model, Winter, 1991 Read
  • Infertility, Osteoporosis, Cancer, and Natural Progesterone - summary of book by John R. Lee, MD, Fall, 1994 Read
  • Evaluation of Non-Prescription Lactobacills Acidophilus (friendly bacteria) Products, Fall, 1993 Read
  • Detoxification and Healing from Sidney Baker, MD, Fall, 1998 Read
  • Prevention of Breast Cancer from Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Winter, 1997 Read
  • "How to Age Rapidly or Not!" by Pauline N. Harding, MD, Winter, 2002  Read


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