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1) Dietary Causes
  • The Original Fast Food Freaks from Richard Wrangham, PhD, Summer, 1987 Read
  • Food: The Driving Force of Evolution from Michael Crawford, PhD, Fall, 1991 Read
  • "Food for Thought" from Michael Crawford and David Marsh, Summer, 1995 Read
  • "Nutrition and Evolution" from Michael Crawford, PhD, Summer, 1997 Read
  • "Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, and Learning Disorders" by J. Gordon Millichap, MD, Winter, 1999 Read
  • Human Brain Expansion from Michael A. Crawford, PhD, Winter, 2001 Read
  • Vitamin D from Professor Vieth of U. of Toronto, Fall, 2000 Read
  • Heart Disease and Rising Brain Disorders by Michael Crawford, PhD, CBiol, FIBiol, FRCPath, Winter 2006 Read
2) General Articles
  • Nutrition Against Disease by Roger J. Williams, PhD -- review by Marjorie Fisher, Winter, 1986 Read
  • Love on Fire - summary of Walter Heiby's book, Spring, 1996 Read
  • Our Stolen Future by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peterson Myers -- a review by Andrew Fisher, Summer, 1996 Read
  • Detoxification and Healing from Sidney Baker, MD, Fall, 1998 Read
  • "Towards an Integrated Medicine" by Theodore E. TePass, MD, Winter, 2000 Read
  • Genetic Engineering - Flying Blind from Dr. Barry Commoner, Summer, 2000 Read
  • "Biological Effects of Low Level Pesticide Mixtures: Problems and Solutions" from Professor Warren P. Porter, Spring 2003 Read
  • Fungi: Environmental Saviours, Wonderful Nutrients, and Some Deadly Poisons, Fall, 2006 Read


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