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1) Cancer
  • Living With Cancer: A Pilot Study of Long-Term Survivors by Keith Block, MD, Charlotte Gyllenhaal, PhD, and Penny Block, MA, Winter, 1995 Read
2) Dietary Causes
  • "The Fish and Game Diet" by Marjorie Fisher, Fall, 1986  Read
  • New York City School Children do Better as Diet Improves, Winter, 1988  Read
  • "Medicine: An Art That Uses Science" by Lynn Lawson, Summer, 1990  Read
  • Environmental Poisons in our Food by J. Gordon Millichap, MD, Summer, 1993 Read
  • Hypoglycemia in Children's Behavioral Problems by Paul J. Dunn, MD, Summer, 1998 Read
  • Optimal Nutrition from Robert Crayhon, MS, Summer, 1999 Read
  • Organic Agriculture: Does it Affect Antioxidants, Spring 2005 Read
  • New Nutritional Discoveries by Thomas Stone, MD, Spring 2006 Read
  • Tics and Tourette's—Tracing the True Triggers, Fall, 2006 Read
  • "Consuming Soil," by Beatrice Trum Hunter, Winter, 2007 Read
  • Food—People and Practicality vs Politics and Profits, Fall 2007 Read
  • Dr. Reynes on Drug - Nutrient Interactions, lecture by Carlos Reynes, MD, Spring 2009 Read
3) General Articles
  • Protecting Your Immune System by Thomas Stone, MD, Fall, 1987 Read
  • "Mind Environment Interactions" by John W. Crayton, MD, Fall, 1988  Read
  • Our Optimal Nutrient Needs: What They Are and Can We Meet Them, Spring, 1990 Read
  • Designing a New Medical Model, Winter, 1991 Read
  • "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by Paul J. Dunn, MD, Spring, 1992  Read
  • Dr. Reynes on Drug - Nutrient Interactions, lecture by Carlos Reynes, MD, Spring 2009 Read


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