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1) Harm from Gas Stoves
  • Gas Stoves and Respiratory Health, Summer, 1996 Read
  • "A Great Man is Gone - Theroh G. Randolph" by Lynn Lawson, Winter, 1996 Read
2) Harm from Modern Methods
  • Foodborne Disease: A Needless Epidemic, Spring, 1988 Read
  • Fats, Oils and Disease, Summer, 1992 Read
3) Harmful Limitations
  • Histamine Reactions from Foods, Winter, 1990  Read
  • Living With Cancer: A Pilot Study of Long-Term Survivors by Keith Block, MD, Charlotte Gyllenhaal, PhD, and Penny Block, MA, Winter, 1995 Read
  • Love on Fire - summary of Walter Heiby's book, Spring, 1996 Read
4) Healthy Suggestions
  • The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook - review by Beatrice Trum Hunter, Fall, 1984  Read
  • Salt Talk and Hypertension, Winter, 1985 Read
  • The Salmonella Story - An Update, Summer, 1985 Read
  • Healthful Eating by Marge Jones, Summer, 1985 Read
  • Diet, Rheumatoid Arthritis Connection, Winter, 1986 Read
  • Healthful Eating by Iris Gottlieb, Spring, 1986 Read
  • What NOHA Means to Me by Marjorie Fisher, Spring, 1986 Read
  • "The Fish and Game Diet" by Marjorie Fisher, Fall, 1986  Read
  • Zest for Life?, Winter, 1989 Read
  • Our Optimal Nutrient Needs: What They Are and Can We Meet Them, Spring, 1990 Read
  • The Integral Role of Nutrition in Cancer Treatment by Keith I. Block, MD, Fall, 1991 Read
  • "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by Paul J. Dunn, MD, Spring 1992  Read
  • "Lead Poisoning: The Silent Epidemic" by J. Gordon Millichap, MD, Summer, 1994 Read
  • Vitamin A Status and Dark-Green Leafy Vegetables, Summer, 1996 Read
  • Traditional Eating Habits, Fall, 1996 Read
  • Preventing Pathogenic Food Poisoning: Sanitation, Not Irradiation, Spring, 2001 Read
  • Surviving Modern Technology, Summer, 2004  Read
  • Power Tools for Your Heart from Steven Devries, MD, Spring, 2005 Read
  • How to Eat Real Food and Talk Back to the TV by Martha H. Howard, MD, Summer 2005 Read
5) General Articles
  • Browning Reactions, Summer, 1984 Read
  • How to Reduce Our Intake of Mutagens, Spring, 1985 Read
  • Is Your Water Safe to Drink? Fall, 1995 Read
  • Coping wit a Glutten- and Wheat-Free Diet, from Beatrice Trum Hunter Summer, 1996 Read
  • "Kombucha Tea" by Thomas Stone, MD, Winter, 1997  Read


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